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Our business litigation lawyers specialize in representing small and mid-sized business corporations in commercial disputes before a court of law. Trade practices and commercial law when coupled with litigation can be extremely complex. Our business litigation lawyers can take care of the contentious legal issues so you can get on with your business. Our fees are reasonable and our expertise is first-rate.

Civil Court Lawsuits

Litigation is a process whereby an individual(s) or corporation(s) initiates a lawsuit against another individual(s) or corporation(s) to seek compensation for a dispute between the parties. Documents are filed in a court of law and, if a settlement cannot be reached through agreement, arbitration or mediation, a judge imposes a binding decision in the case. The judgement is based on statute, common law and the results of similar cases previously tried in court (technically known as “precedents”).

Legal Remedies

The Plaintiff is permitted to set out his or her claim and the Defendant is given the opportunity to refute the evidence presented by the Plaintiff. If the Plaintiff is successful in presentation of his or her claim, the judge typically makes a monetary award or an injunction ordering the Defendants to either undertake or cease certain actions.

Forms of Litigation

Various forms or types of litigation exit. Most commercial law litigation cases fall into one of the following categories :-

  • Private Litigation - This class of litigation includes lawsuits between individuals
  • Commercial Litigation - Commercial litigation entails lawsuits between commercial entities.
  • Public Litigation - Lawsuits against governmental or public agencies that are endowed with authoritative capacity

Commercial Litigation

A business or commercial litigation lawyer typically represents parties in public and commercial litigation cases. There are many reasons for commencement of commercial litigation. Examples include :-

  • Breach of contract.
  • Financial transaction disputes.
  • Outstanding payment for goods delivered or services rendered.
  • Loan default.
  • Warranty claims.
  • Conflicts with creditors or banks who have extended financial credit.
  • Non-supply of goods or services.
  • Insurance claims.
  • Tax irregularities.
  • Indemnification by insurance companies.
  • Intellectual property infringement (trademarks, patents, copyright).

Ex Party Injunction

An ex-parte injunction (where only one party is represented due to urgency of the dispute or inability of the party to notify the opposing party) may be obtained when circumstances dictate delay would cause irreparable harm. The party must be able to convince the judge that he or she (or it) has a reasonable case and probable grounds for ultimately winning the lawsuit. Ex-parte applications are typically followed within a very short time by a full hearing with all parties present.

Business Litigation Lawyers

The bulk of cases handled by business litigation lawyers are related to disputes between corporations, partners, shareholders conflicts and negligent actions by operating officers. As business litigation experts, we have the expertise and resources to conduct litigation on your behalf and bring your case to a successful conclusion. Business litigation can be an intricate area of law, especially if there are a large number of parties involved in the dispute.

We are a dedicated team of business litigation lawyers, with the necessary experience to calculate whether it is probable that your claim meets the applicable standards of proof and an approximation of restitution of losses. We have offices conveniently located across Canada. We offer a no obligation consultation regarding your possible business litigation claim. If you decide not to proceed with a claim, your initial conference with our lawyers is at no charge.

LAWYER HELPLINE: ☎ 855 804 7145