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Starting a business involves many aspects, some of which may prove costly if proper procedures are not adhered to from initial commencement of the business. Seeking company legal advice from a specialist business lawyer is always recommended to ensure that all the bases are covered and no loopholes are left open for unexpected financial hazards. This is especially true for prospective business owners who are new to operating a business. One of the most important elements is personal asset protection. Operating a business may leave personal assets vulnerable. Should the business fail, precautions must be in place to prevent creditors from seizing personal assets, such as homes and vehicles, to satisfy outstanding debts.

Establishing Strategic Policies

Our specialist business lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in establishing strategic policies to protect both your business and personal assets. Strategic policies are a necessity when operating a business, regardless of the goods or services your company offers. Company formation entails filing specific documents with governmental authorities. Purchase of other companies often involves complex negotiations and drafting of documents to compete the purchase and sale. If you are seeking business refinancing, our lawyers are specialists with financial proceedings and the required documentation. Our specialist business lawyers, along with accountants and banking officials, provide a comprehensive team that is dedicated to your success.

Company Commercial Lawyers

Our business lawyers have extensive, wide-ranging experience with prospective and current business owners. Our clients extend from sole proprietors to multinationals. Our goal is to build a relationship with our business clients that is mutually beneficial and offers your business the best possible opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Business Lawyers

Our business lawyer regularly handle diverse commercial law transactions :-

    Typical transactions and legal advice involved in starting up a business include :-

    • Company formation.
    • Share and/or asset acquisition.
    • Employment law.
    • Human resources.
    • Commercial contracts.

    After commencement of a business, a business lawyer may be necessary to:-

    • Transfer shares and/or assets.
    • Locate refinancing and draft associated agreements.
    • Make changes to directors and shareholders.
    • Finalize share disposal.

IT & IP Disputes

If the business should be involved in intellectual property rights or informational technology disputes, our business lawyers can assist with resolution of such disputes through settlement, mediation, arbitration or formal lawsuits.

Dissolution & Insolvency

Finally, our business lawyers can facilitate procedures related to dissolution of a company due to insolvency, personal bankruptcy or receivership.

Corporate Lawyers

We have offices conveniently located across Canada. Our business lawyers offer a no obligation consultation regarding your business queries. If you decide not to retain our company legal advice solicitors, your initial conference with our lawyers is at no charge.

LAWYER HELPLINE: ☎ 855 804 7145