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A contract is typically a written agreement made between two or more parties to do something specific in return for something of value - usually money, goods or services – which states the manner how and when the promise is to be fulfilled. It may be a simple document of a few paragraphs or it might be a complex multi-page document with several addendums attached prepared by a contact lawyer for agreement between the parties. Contract law is the area of law that determines how agreements are to be enforced between the parties. While contracts are usually in written form, it is not absolutely necessary. Oral contracts are binding in several instances.

Contract Legislation and Statutes

Legislation fluctuates as existing law is defined by new legislation which can be accomplished by amending the current law, passing new legislation or consolidation of laws. The purpose of the fluctuations in contact law is to ensure the legislation is an accurate foundation for interpretation and enforcement of contracts. Contract law lawsuits are additionally utilized as precedents for future interpretation and enforcement. Contract law lawyers must, therefore, consider both current legislation and previous contact law judgments when interpreting business contracts.

Contract Law Lawsuits

If a contract dispute cannot be resolved through settlement negotiations, the only remedy may be to instruct a contract lawyer to file a lawsuit which will generally have one of the following outcomes :-

  • Compensation awarded to the Plaintiff.
  • An injunction compelling the Defendant to either do or not so something.
  • Dismissal of the Plaintiff’s claim.
  • An order that the original contract agreement terms stand.

Contract Law Lawyers

Contract law is a specialized area of general litigation. It requires a thorough knowledge of applicable case law and legislation. Our dedicated team of contract law lawyers has extensive experience in handling contract law issues.

We have offices conveniently located across Canada. We offer a no obligation consultation regarding your possible contract law claim. If you decide not to proceed with a claim, your initial conference with our contract lawyers is at no charge.

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