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Our commercial lawyers specialize in small and mid-sized business corporations, fulfilling a diverse range of roles common to commercial businesses. Each business has unique requirements and our commercial lawyers dedicate their practice to business essentials. Commercial law can be complex. Whether you are starting up a company or operating an existing corporation, our commercial lawyers can take care of the details so you can get on with your business. Our fees are reasonable and our expertise is first-rate.

Business & Commercial Lawyers

Our business and commercial lawyers are fully conversant in establishing companies and can assist with the following :-

  • Development of a customized business registration in accordance with your business requirements.
  • Purchase of a “shelf” company, transfer of shares and appointment of new directors.
  • Obtaining a business license from the appropriate authorities.
  • Incorporating offshore companies and provision of legal advice regarding permissible activities of an offshore company.
  • Registration of a business name.

Corporate Matters

Obligatory corporate paperwork and financial matters are routine activities undertaken by our commercial lawyers. Examples of these include :-

    Corporate Paperwork:-

    • Preparation of documents including annual reports and director and shareholder forms.
    • Coordinating with accountants who specialize in corporate tax planning.

    Financial Matters:-

    • Purchase, transfer and disposal of shares.
    • Acquisition, conveyance and disposition of assets.
    • Garnering capital.
    • Locating venture capitalists.
    • Equipment and property purchase loans.
    • Company restructuring, including financial agreements.

    Operational Documents:-

    • Review and provision of legal advice regarding building, equipment, machinery and vehicle leases.
    • Planning permission related to land use.
    • Mediating commercial agreements and/or contracts.
    • Listing your company on the stock market.
    • Handling offers regarding share sales.
    • Undertakings and deeds of release.


    • Legal advice regarding employment law.
    • Recommendations concerning redundancy.
    • Advice regarding dismissal of employees.
    • Representation for employee disputes or lawsuits.

    Disposal of Company:-

    • Dissolution of partnerships.
    • Bankruptcy.
    • Receivership.
    • Insolvency.
    • Liquidation.

Data Protection

Client data protection is our top priority. Client information is used only for the purpose of commercial law transactions and is protected by privacy laws. We do not release client information without written consent from our clients. Client data is backed up onto a secure server and deleted when it is no longer required.

Legal Consultation

We offer a free legal consultation with our commercial lawyers. The legal consultation does not have obligations; if you chose not to retain our specialized commercial and business lawyers, no fees will be charged. Our offices are conveniently located throughout Canada.

LAWYER HELPLINE: ☎ 855 804 7145